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Fitness Concepts

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Personal Training Specialities

MovewithMo believes every person requires a different program. We will work together with fitness, medical and nutrition professionals, as well as spa services, to make sure your health and fitness program aligns with your goals and your body to achieve your total physical wellness.

Functional Movement Screenings

Are you stronger on your right side? Left side? Do you over compensate muscles for under active ones? Let us fix it by first doing a screening to see how the activities of daily life have affected your body.

Brides and Grooms

Do you have a wedding coming up? Stressed about how your body will look in the dress or tux on your special day? Let us take care of that and let you take care of everything else.

Prenatal or Postnatal

Are you pregnant and want to keep your body as fit as possible? Or, do you want the body you had before you gave birth? Let’s get started on a safe program to do so.

Corrective Exercise

We use exercise to relieve pain and fix postural alignments. Many times it can be a form of rehab transition from physical therapy to fitness or athletic injuries.

Kettle-bells and T.R.X.

We use kettle-bells and T.R.X. to challenge ones strength by using creative balance and stability exercises to activate muscles and prevent plateau in strength and conditioning.

Martial Arts

Have you always wanted to get out some stress out by hitting something without getting hurt or hurting others? Traditional martial art workouts have always built elite fit warriors. By incorporating the same exercises we can build lean bodies in a fun way.

Sports Specific

Do you have a sporting event coming up that you are preparing for? Marathon? Golfing? Tennis? We’ll analyze your body and sport to best develop a winning training program that fits your body.

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Every person has a different goal, a different body and a different concept of health.