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Top 5 gifts for the fitness lover

Buying gifts are difficult enough, but what do you get a fitness fanatic who seems to already have everything they need for their workout? There probably isn’t a bigger fitness lover than me, so, here are my list of gifts that are the next hot fitness product for the athlete you love that they might not have discovered yet.

I’ll start the countdown with number 5 on our list, the fat grips. They’ve been getting more traction of popularity lately though they’ve been around for a few years with Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler as their face when it first came out. Weight training with these will accelerate any strength program. One of the main lagging muscles on most people are the forearms. This will work on forearm muscles regardless if it is the deadlift or simple bicep curls on the machine. Models run between $20-40, you can get it here.

Number 4 is for anyone who wants 6 pack abs. The new hottest item that was released on the market this year was the Stealth fitness board. It is a fun video game app that you can download onto your smartphone where your controller is the plank board. In a plank position, you maneuver the plank board till you hit the asteroids and rake up points that way. Time flies with you being in a full plank position. The abdominal burn is real! Models run between $200-300, you can get it here.

Number 3 is the newest product to hit the market for any fighter in your life, the Quiet Punch. Yes, they can punch this as hard as they want, quietly. This versatile doorway punching bag is designed to not make any unnecessary noise and can be easily placed and removed from your doorway when your workout is over. It runs about $130, you can get it here.

Number 2, the Fitmark Velocity backpack, is meant for anyone who runs from work to the gym. This professional and sleek gym back is compact and has everything a gym goer needs without the bulk. It has an outside bottom compartment for shoes and dirty clothes, while having plenty of room inside and a place for your laptop. Even the side water bottle pocket is deep and zippered to ensure a professional look. This runs about $110, you can get it here.

My top gift to get any fitness lover is the Hypersphere by Hyperice. It is a popular recovery must have for professional athletes in all sport internationally, and is now making traction in the commercial fitness industry. Anyone who workout would love this item to relieve sore muscles and inescapable individual tightness. This runs about $150, you can get it here.

Happy Holidays!

for the love of fitness,


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